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aren't sure how to approach certain steps when setting up their hosting account, below are some of the
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Frequently Asked Question's We
have a collection of the most common questions that customers asked over the years, please take a look at this
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Frequently Asked Question's

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Submit a new issue to a Department.


24/7 Email Support
If your having email, DNS, FTP, database, control panel or connectivity issues please contact our support department immediately so we can assist you. You can fill out a ticket by clicking on the "Help Desk" link on the left side of your control panel.

  WebSite Xfer Support
If you decide to move your website over to Lenernet Hosting but your not sure how to, we can move your web site files over for you! With WebSite Xfer Support we move over all of your website files including your mysql database(s) for only $25. This is a 1-time fee. If you have any questions please submit a ticket to our WebSite Support dept. or email us at support@lenernethosting.com

WebSite Support (PersonalWebmaster)
One of the key things that separates us from the rest of the hosting companies out there is our WebSite Support. We understand if your web guy leaves and you get stuck with all the work. Or lets say you would like to make an update to your site like adding a form or even some content but not sure how to do it. WebSite Support is here for those reasons and many more. There are 2 types of WebSite Support: A La Carte and Dedicated.

A La Carte Support: This type of support is for the customer who wants to add a form or maybe even whats to update some text or redo some graphics on the site. This type of support is a 1-time fee that can range from $25 - $750 depending on the request. Click here to email one of our webmasters for a quote

Dedicated Support: This type of support is for the customer that needs a web designer to update content daily/weekly/monthly. If a customer is stuck with updating the website because the web designer left, this customer can pay for dedicated WebSite Support for a reasonable price. This type of support can range from $35/mo. - $75/mo. Click here to email one of our webmasters for a quote

We received many emails from customers over the past few years telling us that they need some website work done, both quick and continuous, so we decided to expand our services.
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