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How do I log into my control panel?
You can simply log into your control panel by clicking the Control Panel link on the top right of this page or by going to it directly at https://yourdomain.com:8443 for example https://lenernethosting.com:8443.

Whats my login and password for my control panel?
Your login should be your domain name, for example: lenernethosting.com and your password should be the password you recieved from us via emial after you signed up.

Can I change my control panel username?
Unfortunately, we cannot change the username assigned to your account because it is associated with your domain.

Can you or myself install a SSL certificate?
Yes, just email our support department and let us know that you are planning on purchasing a SSL certificate so we can provide you with the necessary information before you buy it. You can purchase one from a SSL provider like Verisign or http://instantssl.com.

Do you provide backups?
Yes, we do provide a backup service but for an additional fee of $20 a month. Please contact our sales department at sales@lenernethosting.com or submit a ticket.

If I decide to add the backup service, what exactly is going to be backed up and when?
Our backup service backs up your website files, mail and mysql databases. Backups can be scheduled every day, week, or month.

What are your servers running on?
All of our server are running on Red Hat Enterprise 3.0.

Do you provide SSH access?
Yes, just email support@lenernethosting.com so we can set it up for you at no additional cost.

30-DAY Free Trial

Do you ask for my credit card?
No, you have 30-days to use our hosting services without providing a credit card.

What features are activated during the trial?
All features are fully activated during trial period. Urchin Statistics (upon request), MySQL Databases, Email and more...

What happens if I don't pay within 30-days?
We send out an email to you 10-days before the trial period is over and then again 2-days before. We understand that your busy and might not be aware of the time period. If you don't pay within 30 day, we will disable your account for an additional 7 days and then delete your account.

What do I do when I'm ready to provide my credit card information?

You can email us at sales@lenernethosting.com or submit a ticket to let us know you are ready and we will then email you a link to the order form.


What are your name servers?

I updated my DNS less then 3 days ago and I still don't see my site, why isn't it coming up?
When you update name servers at the registrar it takes 1-3 days for the update to propagate across the internet. If it's been more then 3 days please contact support@lenernethosting.com and provide us with your domain name and when you updated your DNS.

I don't have a domain, how do I get one?
First you would need to register one at a registrar like godaddy.com or networksolutions.com. Once you register the domain name you would have to provide them with our nameservers which are above. It will take a few days for the domain to point over to us.

I have a domain already and I'm planning on signing up for hosting with you, what should I do to my domain?
Log into your registrar and provide them with our name servers (they are above). Like we mentioned above, it will take a few days for that domain to propagate over to us.


What is FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's the protocol used to upload and download files to and from our servers. In order to upload files to our servers and download files from our servers to your computer to either edit them or back them up you would need an FTP client. An FTP client is a program that you install on your computer which allows you to connect to our servers and choose files to upload and download. Some very popular FTP programs are CuteFTP, WSFTP and FlashFXP.

I have my FTP client, what do I enter for the hostname(server name), username and password?
All FTP programs ask you for a server name which is your domain name, for example: lenernethosting.com, a username and a password. Your welcome email from us provides all this information to you.

My FTP client has a split window with files on the left and the right, what does this mean?
All FTP clients have a split window. The files on the left are the files on your computer (similar to My Computer) and the files on the right are the files on the server. If you only see files on the left and the right side is blank that mean you aren't connected to the server.

Where do I upload my web files im my FTP client?
Once you are connected, please double click on the httpdocs folder on the right. This is the folder where you would upload your website.

I uploaded my website files but my website isn't coming up, what should I do?
If your domain name has propagated and your not seeing your uploaded site and just the placeholder page, please make sure you uploaded your files to the httpdocs folder and the first page of your site is called index.html.


What should the email settings be in my email client? (ex: Outlook Express)
Incoming Server (POP3): mail.yourdomain.com (ex: mail.lenernethosting.com)
Outgoing Server (SMTP): mail.yourdomain.com (ex: mail.lenernethosting.com)
Username/Login Name: complete email address (ex: contact@lenernethosting.com)
Password: the password in the welcome email we sent after signup

Please make sure you have "My server requires authentication" checked for the outgoing mail server (SMTP) as well.

I can't send email with your outgoing mail server.
Most ISP's (Internet Service Providers - Comcast, Bellsouth, etc..) won't allow their customers (yourself) to send emails with 3rd party mail server. So the fix is to use your ISP's outgoing mail server. Please contact your support department and ask them for their SMTP server.


Where do I go to log into Webmail?
You can either click on the "WebMail" link on the top right of this page or go there directly at http://webmail.yourdomainname.com (ex: webmail.lenernethosting.com)

I'm at the WebMail login page, what do I enter for the username and password?
The welcome email we sent out provides you with the URL and login to your control panel. In the control panel you can setup email addresses. Just click the "Mail" button. You will be asked to setup an email address and to create a password for it. So, when you are at the WebMail login page, your username would be your complete email address, for example: sales@lenernethosting.com and your password would be the one you setup in the control panel.


What is Urchin?
Urchin is a graphical web statistics program. You can view the hits, pageviews, bytes transferred and much more. To learn more, please visit

When do my stats update?
Your stats will update evey morning at 1:00am.


Any billing questions please email us at billing@lenernethosting.com

Can't find an answer?
Please email us at support@lenernethosting.com or submit a ticket.
Billing Question?
Please contact our billing department at billing@lenernethosting.com or submit a ticket.
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